LED gas station light

The ZGSM A-Series LED Gas Station Lights are using humanized design, consise and generous. Perfectly integrate aesthetic requirements of modren industrial lighting and human harmony philosophy.

The ZGSM A-Series LED Gas Station Lights are using High Luminous PHILIPS® LUXEON® T Luminous Source and High Reliable MEANWELL® HLG-Series LED Driver.

The luminaires own up to 95 lumens per watt efficiency and over than 100,000 hours operation life.
LED gas station light
Product Benefits
The ZGSM A-Series LED Gas Station Lights are utilzing PHILIPS LUXEON® T LED luminous source,providing excellent lumen outputup to 95 LPW, long-lasting stability and splendid sight.

Each LUXEON T owns eletrostatic protection component, maximally avoid the damage of electrostatic.

More information about the LUXEON T and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at www.philipslumileds.com.
Full Range of ZGSM A-Series LED Gas Station Lights are Utilizing MEANWELL HLG series high-end driver, great luminaire stability, lifespan and optimal performance status.

More information about the MEANWELL HLG series and LED driver technologies, please visit www.meanwell.com.
Exquisite design with powerful thermal performance, as well as high reliable waterproof rating.    
Waterproof respirator. The radiator adopts corrugated design, improving the thermal performance. Utilize unibody construction, easy to install and maintain, and simplify the wiring.
Adopt ultra-bright LED luminous source, energy saving, no stroboscopic and radiation, harmless, safety and environmental protection; long lifespan, up to 50,000 hours working time, excellent resistance to impacts and vibration, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, safe and reliable working under low voltage.

Full aluminium frame and spray treatment, corrosion resistance i, waterproof and dustproof.Anti-impact, Anodizing the heat radiator surface, sturdy and durable. Utilize unibody construction, easy to install and maintain, also simplify the wiring.Use silasitic ring seal, oil proof, acidproof, alkaliproof and thermostability.

Easy assemble/disassemble, up to 95 LPW(lumen per watt) luminaire light output, IP65 and IK08 Rated, 90%+ driver efficiency, 5year warranty for whole luminaire.

More informaon about ZGSM A-Series LED Gas Station Lights and LED lighting technologies, please visit www.zgsm-china.com.
Professional lens design.   Use M16 waterproof connector for input cable fixing, avoid damage of hard power.   Adopt silasitic ring sealed PC cover, waterproof and dustproof.    
  Radiator with a waterproof respirator.   Full aluminium shell.   Whole luminaire utilize aluminium material, not only exquisite appearance, but also no corrosion worries.  

  Lumens   Optics   Mountings   Voltage(s)    
  ZGSM-YZD100A   100W   9500 lm   110°   Pendant /
  AC 100-240V /277V, 50/60Hz   Spec sheet page